Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Carnival of the Mobilists #80

Carnival #80 is up over at mobilejones. As always, it's worth checking out. While you're there, have a browse around the blog.

Unfortunately, mobilejones mischaracterises my piece by implying that I condemn all web apps on the basis of a sample size of two: Google Gears (which isn't even an application) and Blogger. It's likely he read in a hurry, so he didn't pick up on two important points:
  • Google Gears is a framework, and I analyse how it will impact the reliability of web applications in a mobile context
  • Google Blogger is used for illustrative purposes -- it's always easier to talk about concepts by using a concrete example, and that's what Blogger was for my purposes.

Obviously I was a little too subtle in these points for a hurried read, but then these analyses have not been intended for quick reads (unlike earlier posts), but rather for careful consideration. Hopefully most readers will understand that.

Note that I'm not claiming that I am 100% right -- that would be rather arrogant of me. Still, at least I've worked through the matter, and even presented some models for evaluating how and when to choose the different software platforms. Hopefully this is useful.

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